A Sad Announcement

Yehoshua (Shuka) Etzion passed away Monday, January 30th, 2006 (sudden cardiac death) at the age of 70. All of us who cherished and loved him may take comfort in the fact that it was sudden and he suffered no pain, but what a void he left in our hearts.
Dalia & Family


"Let me be a free man who lives and lets others live.
Let me bring happiness to my wife, my children, my friends and every one around me.
Let me enjoy my life.
And if I die happy, on my tomb please write:
His life was not in vain,
[Yehoshua Etzion, "Speak out, kid, speak out", Gvanin Pub. 2005 (Hebrew), p. 148]

For Shuka

He walked with quiet steps
Aware of each leaf that fell and the movement of gravel beneath his feet
He listened fully, letting you know you were heard, deeply
He played music, even when he held no instrument
When you spoke to him, you felt connected
…to earth, to sky, to haAretz, to sounds that are out of range of normal hearing
Words like, true, genuine, kind, gentle, genius, Renaissance, joy come to mind
This man cannot be gone, as he is in the hearts of so many
I felt the earth stop its spin and shudder for an instant
Acknowledging this loss

Stevan Hobfoll
Kent, Ohio