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Point of view

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A Book by Yehoshua Etzion

Astrolog Publishing House, Hod Hasharon, 2001, 95 pages


The book POINT OF VIEW calls for a revision of our approach to the foundations of science.
POINT OF VIEW presents a logical structure, beginning with two basic definitions and two axioms and ending with five basic moral principles. The book is written in a semi-formal style and holds six parts: Foundations, Physics, Chemistry, Life, Cognition, and Man.
Throughout the book the author offers new and original definitions to terms such as number, order, time, matter, energy, life, and cognition. The principal novelty in the book is the revival of the term ether that has been abandoned by the physicists at the beginning of the Twentieth Century. The author also questions the validity of established scientific doctrines, such as:
The existence of maximal velocity in the universe.
The existence of gravitation between any two objects in the universe.
The idea that atom is an assemblage of protons surrounded by revolving electrons.
The idea that life originates in molecules containing specific chemical elements, such as carbon or nitrogen.

POINT OF VIEW aims at readers who are interested in science and philosophy, and for those who take delight in intellectual challenge.


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